Jun 19, 2007

Your Writing Space...

I was reading the August 2007 Writer's Digest article, "The Write Space," about what kinds of spaces writers prefer for their careers and writing projects. The article inspired me before I even finished reading it. I've been thinking about what my ideal writing space would look like, if I had a big enough house and enough money to create it. The conclusions I came to were that my space would have to be open, allow breezes from the outdoors to carry floral smells into my room, and the walls would be red.

The door to the room would have to have screens, be cordoned off with sheer curtains, and a doorway that leads to a brick-layered patio. On the patio would be a hammock and fluffy pillow with a silk case and a small bistro table with a couple of iron chairs and red seat cushions (kind of like what I have now on the apt. porch, minus the hammock). My favorite part of the patio is the Koi pond at the far end surrounded by rocks and moss. It would serve as inspiration, along with the waterfall at the back of the pond to ensure the water does not stagnate. You might think the room I am describing is the patio?! That's probably because that is where I write best--outdoors. I guess I would call the room leading out to the patio my workroom.

The Workroom would contain my dream desk, Pottery Barn's Bedford Project Table in mahogany with its cubby holes for numerous books and writing notebooks. I also love the little stools, which fit nicely underneath the desk, but the stools in the catalog are not my cup of tea. I prefer stools with cushy seats, much like those you find in upscale pubs, though no beer would be spilt on the ones in my workroom. The desk in the red room would house my laptop, hard drive, printer, and other technological gadgets.

The walls of the red room would not be completely covered, but there would definitely be some of my favorite photos on one wall from top to bottom,

a second wall would have a white board with dry erase markers and a dry erase calendar to help me keep track of ideas and appointments, and the third wall would be just red.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate carpet, especially wall-to-wall carpet. So the floor would be mahogany stained wood flooring, with a couple of fluffy area rugs to bury my toes in. Not to mention, I might need the cushy rug in front of my long red couch when I hit those roadblocks in my writing. The rugs are expected to be either red or neutral colors. Ah, it's good to dream.

What would your dream room look like?


Anna said...

That's a good idea. You've inspired a blog post, since still no review of "The Golden Notebook."

Anyone who knows you would not be surprised about the outdoor workroom or the fact that nearly everything would be red.

If only we were rich...we could write in peace and harmony. Oh, wait, we'd probably be so relaxed, we'd fall asleep. :D

Serena said...

Yeah I am still waiting for that "golden notebook" post!

Red is the best color...not that fire engine red though...like either merlot red or maroon-like reds.

I need some peace and quiet to think about writing, and if I don't get it, I end up writing nothing. Ah well, such is life.

As for falling asleep, I think I do enough of that now with all this work here at the office...I go home exhausted most days.

Did you click on the links to the specific items mentioned? I hope the links worked (i.e. the desk and the fluffy rugs).

Anna said...

Yes, the links work fine. I like the rugs, but the desk isn't my cup 'o tea. I'm not big into desks for my relaxing writing time, since I sit behind one all day at work.

Work has gotten a bit overwhelming lately. I don't even want to think about next week. I don't know how I manage to stay awake on the train in the afternoons to read. The job used to be easy and stress-free. Now, not so much.

Serena said...

LOL well the desk is in the workroom where I would be typing the manuscripts. The outdoor patio is the writing room to let inspiration flow and be captured. :)

Anna said...

I wrote about my space on my blog. :D

Serena said...

I checked out your room...its very yellow!

Anna said...

Well, that's my fave color!