Jul 31, 2007

Emerging Photographers of Maryland

Friday night's photography show at Gallery F64 was a small and intimate affair in Ellicott City, MD. It was great to see an old favorite of mine, Cottage View, by Jamie Berman as part of the exhibit. I love his reflective pieces, which he has done quite a few of over the years. There were two others I had not seen before, though I may have given my mind is faulty sometimes. He had three photos in the gallery this time around, which is pretty good for someone just starting out, I think. It was great to see the work of other photographers in the region as well; some of whom were on hand as well.

The other emerging photographers featured in the gallery exhibit include: Ben Cricchi, Antonio Paterniti, Bob Paulding, and Brenda Fike. Unfortunately, I could not find a site for Mr. Paterniti, but here are a Field & Stream photo and a National Geographic photo.

I figured I would add a blog about photography, since I have been promising a balance between poetry, writing, and photography, which are my passions. Enjoy the emerging photographers.


Anna said...

Can we consider you an emerging photographer, too? Well, so long as you don't ask F.M.'s thoughts on that! LOL

Serena said...

LOL F.M.'s opinion does not matter. I have given up on seeking a mentor in any regard and will just plug along shamelessly.

Anna said...

A wise idea. Well, unless someone as awesome as Carol Dine comes along in your field of interest. She was nice enough to help.

Serena said...

Carol Dine is a peach and I would love to work with her or actually meet her in person some time.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! Thank you for mentioning me and for finding those photos I had on Field & Stream and Nat Geo. If you're interested, more to see here: www.flickr.com/photos/npsphoto

Serena said...

Wonderful. I will check out your photos on flickr. Thanks for commenting on the blog. I'm trying to incorporate more photography reviews and updates in this blog.