Sep 12, 2007

As Promised...Carol Dine Poem Review

Trying to Understand the Lunar Eclipse by Carol Dine has a number of vivid poems within its pages. "Hurricane, Megansett Harbor" espouses eerie and lasting sounds that echo in the reader's ears. The hurricane is heard and felt, and my favorite image in the poem is "We can smell it/deep in our throats,/wet and panting,/its mouth wide open"

The eye of the hurricane is wide and the wet rains pour down on the ship as it cruises through the waves with its passengers huddled inside. This poem brings me back to New England, and the summer storm season. Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast runs from June through November, so you can imagine how many tropical storms and hurricanes can form in a given season. While each storm has its unique characteristics and strengths, the experience of surviving or living through a hurricane is unique to each person. This is the the opener of the poetry book. What a way to start off the book. Way to go Carol.

Stay tuned for another installment of poetry reviews from this book until I finish the memoir and Patterson novel I am reading.


Anna said...

You know Patterson has two new books out right now? I'm wondering if the co-writers do most of the work? I'm concerned about the quality, putting them out so quick like that. Well, when I read them, I'll let you know.

Anna said...

The Carol Dine poetry book sounds interesting. Can't wait to read it.

Serena said...

He has the quickie and the one I bought my mom, you've been she read quickie already and i hope to get to the other one before she gets here so i can just hand it over and not worry about her sending it back to me.

I've only read a couple of poems from the book because I have concentrated metro time on the oddballs book and home on the patterson i have been reading already. I will get more poem reviews in here as I go, hopefully, plus I have a few new issues of Poetry