Nov 7, 2007

AWP Writer's Conference 2008

It is that time again. The upcoming AWP Writer's Conference will be held in New York City, NY, next year. I hope to go to the conference, since I have not been to a writer's conference, other than the one-day conference in Bethesda, MD, at the Writer's Center.

I'm excited about the New York City Conference because Yosef Komunyaka, Bruce Weigl, Joyce Carol Oates, Billy Collins, Frank McCourt, Robert Pinsky, Ha Jin, and John Irving, among others will be there. Poets and writers I just love. Listening to their wisdom and possibly meeting them would be a great bonus. Mostly, I just want to see what these conferences are like for myself and determine if they are even worth the money.

While everyone I have talked to says the AWP conference is good and bad, many do not regret going at least the one time they went. The brochure I received yesterday has information about possible discounts on hotel rates and airfare. I will have to call and see how discounted those rates actually are, considering I'm one of the more poor writers in the world. I also have to account for the AWP conference registration, which is quite hefty.

It would be great to go with a fellow writer to the conference, but all of us seem to be really poor at the moment.


Anna said...

I doubt I'd be able to afford it, but I've never seen so many well known authors (or at least authors I know!) at a single event. I wish I could go!

Serena said...

I think we should start saving now...we may have bonuses!

Anna said...

If we do, that's what I'm putting away to move out of this hellhole called Maryland. LOL

Victoria said...

Hey Serena and Anna, what's up you two, Happy New Year!!

Man I am totally into going to the conference. I probably can make it so we have a hotel paid if you guys want to share and we can make a plan to go. Let me know. If you can send me more information Serena that would be great. I really need to go to another conference. Please email me at or

Serena said...

I would like to go to NYC for the conference, but other things have come up.