Mar 16, 2008

Sharpen Those Fangs...

The second part to the Blue Bloods series, Masquerade, is a whirlwind of revelations regarding the Van Alens and the entire Blue Blood society. I was anxious to get my copy from the library and continue reading about these young vampires and their families. I looked forward to Schulyer's adventure to find her grandfather, Lawrence. However, that journey was short-lived. While I was initially disappointed that the journey started and ended quickly, my disappointment was overcome by curiosity.

***Spoiler Alert***

She finds her grandfather at the behest of her grandmother--a trip that takes her to Venice. She spies people who look like her mother and who remind her of people she should know from her past lives, but disappointments in her quest make her doubt her ability to find her grandfather, who holds the key to defeating the Silver Bloods.

After she finds her grandfather, her disappointment only deepens when he refuses to help her in her quest to uncover the Silver Blood and Blue Blood past and defeat the impending threat to her teenage friends at an elite New York prep school. Returning to New York thrusts her back into the thick of her teenage confusion over Oliver, her conduit and friend, and her crush on Jack Force, who is bound through blood to his sister, Mimi. Schulyer's desire for the unattainable is palatable in this second book in the series--a desire that most anyone who has had a crush on a boy can certainly relate to.

The adventures in this book are even more dire than the first, with the Silver Blood presence even more apparent despite The Committee's denials and entreaties that the Silver Bloods were defeated many centuries ago. Schuyler's coming of age as a vampire is also wrought with risks to herself and her conduit, who soon becomes her familiar---further complicating her feelings for him and his growing love for her.

The intricacies of this world start to unfold quickly in the book, and as you may have guessed Mimi figures in profoundly because after all her rival for Jack's bond is Schuyler. Jack is a character torn between duty and passion, and his actions clearly define his dilemma--stuck between his lifelong, eternal blood bond with Mimi and his passion for the daughter of Allegra Van Alen, Schuyler.

The history of these character's past lives unravels quickly to reveal some shocking connections.

***End Spoiler Alert***

It's a quick read, and held my attention much more than the first book. I was excited to see what would happen next. The end leaves the door wide open for a third book in this young adult series about teenage vampires, and I hope that Melissa De La Cruz does not disappoint. I recommend this book for people who enjoy YA reading and vampires alike. This not a horror series by any stretch of the imagination, not too much gore here. It's more like a commentary on the teenage relationships in high society and coming of age, just with a vampire twist.


Anna said...

When I get off my Jane Austen kick, I'll have to read this series. You know how much I love those coming-of-age stories!

Serena said...

LOL get off the Jane Austen kick, nah...that will never happen. LOL

I am going back to Isaac and then onto patterson. So those are some other reviews for everyone to look forward to.