Apr 30, 2008

Weekly Geeks Challenge

Weekly Geeks Challenge

I need to generate further traffic to this review site, and I figured this would be a prime opportunity to do so. Also, it provides me with an opportunity to learn about other blog review sites and generate new blogging buddies. Thanks Suey for blogging about this challenge and giving me the idea.

Today, at some point, I plan to review those bloggers listed on the site to find some new blogs to read. Should be an interesting adventure, and I will keep you posted about sites that I find.

I hope everyone will consider joining as well.

Until then, remember my National Poetry Month Contest? May 2 is the last day to enter the final round of the contest for your FREE volume of poetry.


Anna said...

Tried the link again, and I still couldn't connect. Please tell me more about the challenge!

Serena said...

The page has a linky device, so others can find your blog as well, and you can find their blogs. You're supposed to post your link and then sift through the others to find 5 new to you blogs that you enjoy.

Suey said...

Glad your're joining the fun! I think it'll be fun to see what themes everyone comes up with each week.

Serena said...

I have no idea what themes I would pick.