May 19, 2008

Who Would You Trust All Your Secrets To?

Sophie Kinsella's "Can You Keep a Secret?" blew me away with its wit and humor. There were times when I roared out loud with laughter and there was a time near the end of the book where I wanted to weep. This book surpassed my expectations. After reading the Undomestic Goddess, I was expecting a book that was similarly amusing, but Emma is a much funnier character.

***Spoiler Alert***

When we meet Emma Corrigan she totally messes up a "slam-dunk" business meeting and is headed back to London from Scotland on a flight that gets rather turbulent in more ways than one. In some ways, the turbulent plane ride becomes a metaphor for her life throughout much of the book after meeting a fellow business executive, who turns out to be her firm's founding owner--Jack Harper.

Emma spills all of her secrets to this stranger on the flight while others on the flight are praying that they will land safely in London. These secrets range from her hatred of crochet to her attempts to kill a co-worker's plant with orange juice. She thinks nothing much of it at the time because he is a mere stranger on the plane. However, she soon gets back to the office to discover that the man on the plane is none other than Jack Harper, the partial owner of Panther Corporation.

The banter between Emma and Jack sets the stage for the ultimate betrayal. Emma runs the gamut of emotions in this book from pleased with herself that she and the CEO have a secret understanding to head-over-heels in love to disappointment, embarrassment, and betrayal.

***End Spoiler Alert***

This books examines relationships in their many forms: love, romance, friendship, family. Emma learns a lot about her familial relationships and that even the best of friends have secrets from one another. She learns that honesty may be the hardest option in some cases, but it generally is the best road to undertake. Her evolution throughout the novel is fantastic and well-paced. I enjoyed Emma's struggles, which often reflect many of the struggles other women have in balancing the many relationships we have.

It begs the question, who do you trust you secrets to? I for one spread them around to various people. I have to keep everyone guessing at some point, don't I? It also makes me wonder, how many of my secrets have been passed along to others in the heat of the moment.

That's a question for readers...Have you told a secret to one person and not another, and why? And have you ever blurted out someone's secret accidentally without meaning to harm the person entrusting you with that secret?


Anna said...

I don't keep secrets from my hubby. Well, except the one about my passionate love for Makoto Nagano! LOL

I don't have too many secrets because I blab too much, but I only blab to a select few.

This was one of Kinsella's best books. I too remember laughing out loud while reading it.

Serena said...

I had a great time with this book. If I owned it, I think it would end up in the pile of books I reread from time to time. I was just so amused by it.

Anna said...

Well, that's a sign that you need to buy that book! LOL

Nicole said...

I read this book and enjoyed it, too. I reviewed it on my blog not too long ago.

I agree with Anna that it is one of Kinsella's best books. Of course, I've only read a couple so far.

As for secrets, I don't have too many. I blab alot to a few choice friens.

Serena said...

I tend to tell people things as I think of's probably why some people know certain things and others know different stuff...the secrets are never on my mind all at the same time.

naida said...

sounds good, great review!

Stephanie said...

I've heard this one is good! Thanks for the review!

Serena said...

Yes, This was a great book.