Jun 10, 2008

Upcoming Blogiversary

Hello dear readers,

My blogiversary is coming up in a couple of days, June 12. I wanted to do something special for my readers, so I was thinking of a giveaway. Perhaps a poetry book, a writing the craft book, or something else.

Anyone have any ideas they would like to share? I will announce the official contest on June 12. If I use an idea from one of my readers, I will provide them with a prize of their own. And no, this does not exclude anyone from the contest. It will be an added bonus if that person also wins the blogiversary contest.

I look forward to your ideas.


Anna said...

I think since you gave away poetry books for National Poetry Month that a writing book would be great. You've been doing a lot of reviews lately, so giving away a writing book might be a way to add more about writing to your blog. Whatever you choose will be great, but it's just a thought.

Serena said...

Writing book is one of my ideas...I wonder if any others will pop up this week. LOL

Nymeth said...

A giveaway of whichever kind would be a nice way to celebrate :) A writing book would be lovely, or a favourite book of yours you'd like to share. Valentina is doing something that I thought was a great idea: she's having readers pick whichever book they want among those she has reviewed in the past.

Whatever you decide will be great, I'm sure :)