Sep 10, 2008

Award Received and Appreciated!

I recently received the I Love Your Blog award from My Friend Amy. I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I rarely get awards and now I have been given two in the last couple of weeks.

I hope that I can continue to receive such praise in the future as I gear up to unveil some new features, which are still in the planning stages.

In addition, I want to award this recognition to the following blogs:

A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore because you have a varied taste in books, and I always find some of the best new reads on your blog. And I love that you are honest in your reviews about editing mistakes and other elements that bother you.

Peeking Between the Pages: Your title just caught my eye and I thought what a great title for a book review blog. Your reviews are honest and I love how you get the reader involved by posting questions in your posts, asking them for their input. I also love the set up of your blog as well, it's beautiful and lean. Not to mention as a dog lover, I just have to say that your dog is cute, just adorable.

Maw Books Blog because you are so passionate about reading and Darfur and all things related on your blog. Your passion burns brightly for each of your readers. I admire all that you are trying to accomplish. I appreciate your posts and your insight on books and your causes.

And now I will take this time to remind you to go vote for your favorite blogs in Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW). Deadline is Sept. 12, so HURRY!

Dear Readers:

You are Appreciated, and as part of BBAW, The Literate Housewife Review is holding a contest in your honor. Please check it out, here.

Additionally, if you know anyone in the Media or are in the Media and would be willing to pass along BBAW information to a wider audience, please contact myself of Amy and we will send you a press release.

Another Contest: Diary of an Eccentric for The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold or The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

***Please do not forget to enter the Mrs. Lieutenant Contest, Deadline is Sept. 14.


Anna said...

How come you haven't told me about your blog plans?? I feel so left out. :(

Serena said...

Because they are not really formulated yet, I just know I want to add some features on a regular basis.

Anna said...

Well, if you ever feel like brainstorming, you know where to find me!

aBookworm said...

Thank you for your kind words, Serena, on my blog, A Book Blogger's Diary.

Anna said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest!

Dar said...

Thanks so much Serena-your kind words mean a lot to me. Buddy thanks you too-he's quite conceited about his looks too. lol. I love your blog too!

Serena said...

My dog is conceited about his cuteness as well...I completely hear you on that one!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to enter the Mrs. Lieutenant contest.

Dar said...

Pop by for my giveaway too Serena!