Sep 26, 2008

Fall Into Reading 2008

I normally don't join challenges because they are time-consuming, but Fall Into Reading 2008 caught my eye.

Here's the rules:

1. Set reading goals for yourself and create a list of books to read this Fall.

2. All books are eligible and there is no limit to how many or how few you choose to read.

3. Leave a link to the post where you list your goals and books on Mr. Linky, here.

4. Check out the lists of other participants, write reviews of the books if you like, and commit to writing a wrap-up post in December.

View the official ins and outs of the challenge at Callapidder Days.

Here's the list of books I plan on reading for the Fall Into Reading Challenge 2008:

1. A Grave in the Air by Stephen Henighan
2. Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland
3. Kindred Spirits by Marilyn Meredith
4. Sex at Noon Taxes by Sally Van Doren
5. Owen Fiddler by Marvin D. Wilson
6. The Last Queen by C. W. Gortner
7. The Wonder Singer by George Rabasa
8. Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore
9. Black Flies by Shannon Burke
10. Freeman Walker by David Allan Cates
11. Off the Menu by Christine Son
12. Life After Genius by M. Ann Jacoby
13. Cold Rock River by J. L. Miles

Just another reminder about the 2008 National Book Festival, feel free to check it out if you are in the neighborhood or the podcasts of the authors, here.

Do you have little ones at home? Check out the Children's toolkit.

Here's a list of the authors that are attending.

Finally, a link to the Pavilions.


Trish said...

Oh my goodness--should I be embarrassed that the only name on that list I recognize is Moore? Everyone is signing up for this challenge but I can't commit to another one--so conflicted!!! Have a great time with it.

Anna said...

I think I'm going to sign up, too. We'll be reading a few of the same books, so we can have more lunchtime chats!! I can't wait to hear what you think about Black Flies. That was a great book!

Jill said...

Good luck with this challenge. These are "new to me" books that you've selected, and I can't wait to read your thoughts as you complete them!

Happy Friday!

Shana said...

Trish - don't feel bad, the only one I recognize is The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner. But that's why book blogs are so awesome ... we find out about books and authors we might otherwise never have heard about!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing this challenge, too, but we have no books in common. I only recognize two of your books.

Serena said...

Wow, I had no idea that the books on my list would be so unknown. Some of these books are from Mini Book Expo for Bloggers, Library Thing, and publishers and book tours. I think I actually have to expand this list, but these are the ones I could remember.

Dar said...

Great list Serena. I look forward to your reviews.

Anonymous said...

I'd really love to read "Any Given Doomsday" by Lori Handeland!

Serena said...

I haven't started that one yet; I'm on A Grave in the Air, which is a collection of short stories.

Any given doomsday will probably be next. I can pass it along to you when I am done. It's probably not something I would keep. Who knows maybe I'll do a giveaway with my copy.