Dec 1, 2008

Our First Hosted Reading Challenge

Can you believe it? Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) and I have launched our very first challenge. Its been a long time in the planning, but here is the official unveiling here at Savvy Verse & Wit.

What: War Through the Generations: Reading Challenges (because you know there has to be more than one reading challenge)

Where: Click on the blog title and go participate

When: First Challenge is WWII beginning Jan. 1, 2009 and lasting 12 months through Dec. 31, 2009

Why: Because we're bookworms and love reading books, fictional and nonfictional. And because you want to read about the impact of war on characters and real people. Perhaps because you think we can learn from our mistakes. Doesn't really matter? It's books.

As Anna says so eloquently, "We spent a few months hammering out our goals, setting up the blog, pondering buttons and banners, and we're finally ready to go live. Thanks to Monica at Monniblog, we have an awesome banner and some rockin' buttons!"

The Rules:

1. Sign up and establish your reading goal, which must be a minimum of 5 books in 12 months; Don't worry you can do it.

2. If you sign up by Jan. 31, 2009, and meet or exceed your reading goal for the challenge, you will be entered into a drawing for one of the prizes, which are to be determined.

3. Grab one of Monica's ROCKIN' Buttons:

4. Check out the list of WWII books, we've compiled (OK, mostly Anna compiled this list--Way to Go!)

5. If you have comments, suggestions, book suggestions, or just want to chat about the blog, books, WWII, or whatever, send an email to warthroughgenerations AT gmail DOT com or stop by the blog.

The blog won't just be a reading challenge, we're also planning on posting personal war stories, newsworthy stories, and other discussions. Feel free to contribute.


Dar said...

This is a really great challenge ladies. As you already know I do like reading books dealing with the war so I'm looking forward to this one. I'll be posting about it in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you guys! I'm so excited for you. I don't know if this book is on your list (or if it is good), but my next book is War on the Margins and it's about WWII as it impacted the Canary Islands. Since my goal is to have a manageable load of ARCs by February, I may just have to jump in and join you. I know that war isn't fun, but your challenge sounds like it will be.

Serena said...

Dar: Thanks for signing on. I can't wait to see what your goal for the challenge is.

Literatehousewife: I will check with Anna about the book, but please do sign can win prizes.

Anonymous said...

Not signing up, only cuz I know I can't do it. Too much on the plate as I'm sure you are aware.

But go for it, Savvy. I'll be checking in.

Iliana said...

Woo-hoo another challenge to tempt me! :)

It's funny because I always say that I don't like war stories yet some of my favorite books are centered around war times. Ok, I may just have to join and of course those are some rockin' buttons!

Let me think on it and the books!

Shana said...

You two are just brilliant!!! I am SO excited about this. I can't wait to get started.


Anna said...

Literate Housewife: Thanks for the book suggestion! I've added it to the reading list on the challenge blog.

I'm so excited that so many of you are excited! I can't wait!

Diary of an Eccentric

Monica said...

Awesome! I'll go blog about it and spread the word. Thanks for the shout out! I had fun making the buttons for you :)

Anonymous said...

:) I am in :)

Serena said...

Monica: Thanks for the buttons and blogging about the challenge.

Veens: I look forward to seeing your signup on the War Through the Generations blog.

Suey said...

Perhaps I'll try this one! It looks very interesting. I'll ponder your list and come back later to the official sign up spot when I've figured it all out!

Serena said...

Suey: I hope you do try and join us. It's 5 books over 12 months...plenty of time...and you can maybe use them in other challenges.

It's going to be fun.