Jan 4, 2009

Writing Goal Week #1

As promised, my writing update. This will be the first week, so there is nothing to report about my previous week's work.

Let's start with a goal for the upcoming week. I'm going to make a cop-out goal and say I will either

a. write one poem
b. write 5 pages for my novel
c. or rework my short story that I had shelved over the last few months.

Just a short post for today, but I promise to get caught up on everyone's posts from the past few weeks. I've fallen behind in Google Reader again.

***Don't forget about the Gods Behaving Badly Contest, which runs through January 5 at Midnight EST.***


Scobberlotcher said...

That's a good writing goal list! Woo! Did you see my writing advice today from Alphie McCourt? Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals! I always attempt a goal just to write in my journal every day and sometimes it springs into creative writing, which is fun. Would love to see your poems.

Serena said...

Karen: I am so behind in Google Reader. I'm ashamed, but I'll get to your post.

BKclubcare: Thanks, I may need the extra luck.

Terri said...

What a great idea - you have all these built in witnesses to your writing goals. You're inspiring!

My Google Reader has more bold entries than not. Something like 717 unread! ack! This is definitely catch up week.

Happy new year, Serena!

Serena said...

Terri: Thanks. I hope people will make me accountable for these writing goals. you're doing better than I am with google reader...mine was over 1000 when I left work, and I got it down to 996...lol I'm sure its up again.

Devon Ellington said...

I don't think any of those are cop-out goals. They're all viable, and working on stuff that's unfinished is important. Unfinished work drains creativity.

Good luck!

Thanks for visiting the Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions site.

Also, remember that my To-Do list HAS to be long -- I make my living by writing; it's not something I do on the side. If I don't juggle multiple projects, meet deadlines, and continually hustle for fresh, paying work, I'm out in the street.

Serena said...

Devon: Thanks for the well wishes. I'd like to get to where you are with the projects going at once and the need for the long list, but I am still working as a writer full time...which is good for now.

Thanks for popping by my blog.

Anna said...

Good luck! I hope you've been a busy writing bee.

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