Mar 8, 2009

My Blog, Fabulous?!

This is the first time I've received this blog award. Liviania from In Bed With Books bestowed this cutie on me.

Here are the rules:

1) List five things you are obsessed with.

2) Nominate five blogs you think are fabulous.

Five Things I'm obsessed with:

1. My keeshond because he is too cute. I just can't help talking to him like he's a person!

2. Reading and reviewing and blogging about these great books finding their way into my mailbox.

3. Pride & Prejudice; I read and re-read parts of the book, the whole book, and love watching movie adaptations

4. Phantom of the Opera; I read and re-read parts of this book, the whole book, and love seeing play and movie adaptations.

5. Music; I obsessively collect the albums of Tori Amos, Godsmack, Staind, and several other bands even if the albums contain songs I already have. I'll even buy movie CDs with their songs on them.

Ok, now for the blogs that I think are Fabulous:

1. Lezlie of Books 'N Border Collies
2. Sandra of Fresh Ink Books
3. Musings of a Bookish Kitty
4. Gautami of Reading Room
5. Anna of Diary of an Eccentric

Oops, breaking the rules and nominating a 6th blog:
Naida of The Bookworm

There are so many more of you that I think are fabulous.


gautami tripathy said...

You deserve it!

Thanks for giving this award to me!

Karen H. said...

Your blog is FAB! Enjoyed your list, too!

Lezlie said...

Thanks so much, Serena! How sweet!!


Toni said...

Yep.. Your blog is FAAABulous daaarhling... :)

bermudaonion said...

Yes, your blog is fabulous. Congratulations!

Ti said...

Of course your blog is fab. Was there ever any doubt? Enjoy it!

Lenore said...

Did you know Tori Amos is coming out with a new album called Abnormally Attracted to Sin? Sometime this spring, but no date confirmed yet...

Kitten said...

Serena, stopping by to say hello! It's nice to meet you! I think your blog is fabulous, too! I'm a follower now. :)

Shana said...

Congrats, Serena. It was fun to read about your "obsessions."

Jo-Jo said...

I agree that your blog is exceptionally fabulous! Congratulations to you!

Literary Feline said...

Thank you so much for the award, Serena! You definitely are deserving of this one as well. Keeshonds are so adorable. And I love everything about Pride and Prejudice too.

Have a great week!

Liviania said...

That's two people I nominated who are obsessed with Tori Amos!

Serena said...

I had no idea people thought my blog was Fabulous. LOL

Kitten: thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower.

Shana: I'm glad you like reading about my obsessions. I wonder what some of yours are.

Liviania: now I want to know who the other Tori fan is!

Anna said...

You so deserve this award! And thanks for passing it on to me. I really appreciate it! You've made my day.

Diary of an Eccentric

S. Krishna said...


naida said...

congrats on the award :)
and thanks for breaking the rules for me! lol

Anna said...

I posted this here. Thanks again!

Diary of an Eccentric

Anonymous said...

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