May 14, 2009

WWII Reading Challenge & More

I wanted to alert everyone to my progress on the WWII Reading Challenge. I've read 1 book out of 5--Reading by Lightning, check out my review.

Thank goodness this is a year long challenge.

Other than that, Anna and I have posted a new item for you all to discuss about the recently deported John Demjanjuk. Check it out here. I hope we can get some great discussion going.

Over the next couple of days the War Through the Generations blog will have several new discussion topics. I hope you will check them out.

Don't forget my giveaways:

1 copy of Rubber Side Down Edited by Jose Gouveia, here; Deadline is May 15 at 11:59 PM EST

2 copies of The Last Queen by C.W. Gortner, here; Deadline is May 22 at 11:59 PM EST


Blodeuedd said...

Some more to go then :)
I have read one book too, but I dare not enter, would never find all teh books I need

Sandy Nawrot said...

Out of the ten I pledged to read, I've read six. And a couple that I am slated to read are kinda chunky. You're right. I needed the whole darned year!

Anna said...

Hey, at least you're reading! And you've still got a lot of year left!

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

I suppose that is true. I can't wait for these tours to be over...ok I like them, but I packed too many in these last two months. I need to spread them out so I have time for what I want to read.

Suey said...

I've only read 1 out of 5 too and was feeling a bit guilty about that. Now I feel better! I look forward to all rest on my list though.

Serena said...

Suey: No need to feel guilty anymore!

Dar said...

I think I've read 2 so far. I have the feeling a few of my challenges may extend into next year. lol.

Serena said...

Dar: I only have the one and I feel behind already and even though there are more than 6 months to go. LOL

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

I have read .... 0 of the 5 I committed to!

I'll get there, though, with 6 months left to go ... oh, the power of positive thinking.

Seriously, my list grows and grows with the fantastic reviews and mentions on the challenge site. That really is a wonderful resource.

Serena said...

Dawn: there is still plenty of time to read for the challenge. I'm so glad the reviews are helping make your tbr list grow.