Jun 6, 2009

MAX by James Patterson

Welcome my mom's (Pat) review of MAX by James Patterson; she was kind enough to read this one a month ago, and I'm just catching up on posting some of her reviews.

MAX, the fifth book in the series, features the bird kids--Gazzy, Angel, Fang, Nudge, Max and others--after they join forces with the coalition CSM to stop the "madness." Off the Hawaii coast, ships, fish, and other creatures are being destroyed by something or someone. The bird kids always seem to be in danger, but they are keenly aware of the dangers they face.

Patterson's young adult bird kid series really heats up in MAX. But will Max and her mother live through this ordeal? If you are eager for another page turner, this is the book for you. Action-packed up until the end, and you will want read it again just to see how the kids find their way out of trouble. Five stars, a must read.

Thanks, mom, for another review, and thanks to Hachette Group for sending this book along. Stay tuned for my review of MAX, which the hubby and I are listening to on audiobook.

Have a great weekend everyone; I'll be offline spending time with the hubby and spring cleaning in June.

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Wrighty said...

Great review! I think these are the only Patterson books I haven't read yet. I need to get to them one of these days. I'm hoping my mom will do some reviews for me too. She's a huge reader and I'd love to post her thoughts. Thanks!

Sandy Nawrot said...

My kids and I just started the audio of the first in the series, The Angel Experiment. I'd heard alot about the series, and I think there is a movie coming out if I'm not mistaken? The narrator of the audio is pretty engaging. We'll see where we go with this!

Dar said...

Another great review. Thanks Pat. I've not read this one yet but have the audio hanging around somewhere. I guess I should give it a listen.

naida said...

I need to read Patterson some day,
Great review by your mom!

bermudaonion said...

I'm glad your mom is enjoying this series. I'm a Patterson fan, but could never get into this series - too much fantasy for me.

Serena said...

Wrighty: I haven't read or listened to all of these winged-kids books...he rebooted the series after I read Where the Wind blows and its sequel.

Sandy: I think there is a movie of these books coming out, not sure when though.

Dar: I'm listening to this with the hubby.

Naida: Patterson has a ton of books.

bermudaonion: mom likes most any patterson...it seems. I have not read this series..though I have this audio that we are listening to in the car.

Anna said...

This is the one you gave to The Girl right? If she's interested, I'll have to get the first one out of the library. Glad your mom is becoming a regular reviewer here.

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

Yes, this is the one I gave The Girl. I have some others in this series...just have to find them...then The Girl can have them.

Ladytink_534 said...

Good review! I really do have to get around to picking this up....