Jun 18, 2009

Wow, Did You Change That?

Savvy Verse & Wit has undergone some cosmetic changes, but now I am adding functional changes to the site as well. I've decided to try out some book affiliate programs, including the one from Amazon, Powell's Books, and IndieBound. I'm not expecting to generate a ton of sales or income from these programs, but every little bit will help with my husband out of work.

For Amazon, I've popped a "Best Of" Widget in my right sidebar under the Google Translator, so if you want to purchase any of the books I've really raved about, you can click through that widget. Some of the current books listed are Galway Bay by Mary Pat Kelly and The Secret Keeper by Paul Harris.

For Powell's Books, there is a search box in the left sidebar under the link to me and site feeds, which will allow you to look for titles and purchase them from Powell's. On the right sidebar under the photo slide show, I also have a Powell's link directly to the Savvy Verse & Wit Bookshelf at Powell's.

For IndieBound I've created a widget in the left sidebar under the followers with all the books I've read in 2009. If you are on IndieBound, please feel free to friend me.

In the non-affiliate arena, I've added a new "SEARCH" Widget to allow users to search this blog's content. The widget is in the right sidebar above the blog archive pull-down menu, and I titled it "Find Savvy and Wit Here" Let me know if you use the widget and if its useful.

I think that's enough announcements for one day, but look for more changes as I add to the Verse Reviewers section. There's already a button available for those interested in reviewing poetry, grab the button and display it on your blog.

Don't forget my current giveaways:

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Anna said...

I've snagged the button. Thanks!

Sounds like you've had a lot going on. Lookin' good!

Diary of an Eccentric

bkclubcare said...

Bizzy, Bizzy! Happy Blogoversary!

Serena said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the changes.

Chris said...

Looks great!

Marie Burton said...

It's looking good :)

Iliana said...

Hope the affiliate programs work well for you! I haven't tried any of them so would love to hear how it goes.

Book Escape said...

You've been busy. I wish I had the know-how to do some of this stuff. It looks great!

Jeannie said...

Will definitely buy a book or two through your widgets, Serena.

Keeping you and your hubby both in my thoughts and prayers.

Serena said...

Thanks Jeannie! You are a kind soul. I'm sure it won't bring in much, but every little bit helps.

Literate Housewife said...

I didn't know that Powells had an affiliate program. I am on Amazon Associates, but I don't normally earn the $10 needed to get a certificate every month. Like you said, every little bit helps. Good luck with everything!

Serena said...

LiterateHousewife: I'm hoping to get something out of one program or the other. Keeping my fingers crossed.