Aug 24, 2009

Dog Days of Summer 2009--Photo Contest

As you know, this week kicks of the Dog Days of Summer 2009 reading challenge and giveaway at The Literate Housewife.

Your first task is to head on over to The Literate Housewife and vote on your favorite summer photo featuring dogs. Of course, you're wondering why I'm talking about this. . . well, you shouldn't be.

My hubby and Keeshond Charlee are up in the poll. Check them out and vote! I hope you will vote for them. It was a really hot day camping and hiking.

Meanwhile, I should be posting a great review of The Art of Racing in the Rain sometime this week.

Stay tuned for other announcements about the Dog Days of Summer 2009.

Also, I have a great international giveaway for the Rooftops of Tehran going on through August 24, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Charlee is so adorable..Mom doesn't let me have a dog , I have been begging her let me get one since forever :)

Serena said...

Shweta: I hope you checked out Literate Housewife's poll and voted for Charlee.

I suppose I shouldn't tell you how I ended up with mom might not like me giving you ideas

Anonymous said...

I did vote for Charlee :) Pls give me ideas . Atleast I can try something on her :)

Jo-Jo said...

I love this picture Serena...and I voted for Charlee already. Good luck!

Lezlie said...

For cute!! He looks like a teddy bear! Charlee, I mean. :-)


rhapsodyinbooks said...

What an adorable picture!

Zia said...

Great picture!!

Anna said...

Should we tell Shweta that we just adopted Charlee and brought him home without asking your mom's permission??? Nope, probably not. ;)

I voted. It was hard, but I had to show my little Chuckie some lovin'.

Diary of an Eccentric

Melody said...

So cute!
I'll head over to the site to cast my vote. ;)

Veens said...

Voted for Charlie YAY! You have 38 % votes , i checked ;)
i hope Charlie wins!

Toni said...

Love love the pic. I will vote for Charlie!

Wrighty said...

Sooo cute!! You've got my vote. I'm going to vote for Charlee right now! Good luck!