Oct 28, 2009

Free Verse: Edgar Allan Poe

Cara at Ooh...Books has started a new meme on Wednesdays called FreeVerse to introduce poetry to new and old readers in a variety of ways.

I took my cue from Cara today and decided to post a YouTube video in which Christopher Walken reads Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

Check it out, feel free to leave your impressions, and please do check out Cara's Edgar Allan Poe reading by one of my favorites Vincent Price.

Don't forget Virtual Poetry Circle on Saturdays, every week. Check it out, come participate--no pressure, really!!  :)


Cara Powers said...

OMG! The YouTube video you found is creepier than mine.

Serena said...

I've always loved the creepy factor of this video

Anna said...

Christopher Walken is creepy all by himself. Him reading Poe, who also is creepy? I just can't do it. LOL

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

Anna: you can do it. i had a great time last night listening to it...and it would be great at a party!

A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Oh, thanks! This is just what I needed to get more into the Halloween spirit. And I do love Poe :)

Jenners said...

Christopher Walken + The Raven = Match Made In Heaven!