Nov 12, 2009

Daniel X: Watch the Skies by James Patterson & Ned Rust

I've been a bit busy reading, but I have some reviews from my mom, Pat, to share.  Today, my mom is going to share her thoughts on the latest young adult book from James Patterson.  Please give her a warm welcome.

James Patterson and Ned Rust's Daniel X:  Watch the Skies is the next book in Patterson's young adult series.  In this book, the aliens are taking over the town of Holliswood.  With the prevalence of televisions, computers, and portable devices, its easy to be in the face of every resident and document their downfall.

Daniel X, his sister Emma, and two brothers are still searching for who killed their parents.  This family must face the good and bad in this action-packed book.  Readers will speed through the drama to reach its conclusion.  It's a page-turner and a five-star, must read.

Please check out the book podcast.

My mom would like to thank Hachette Book Group for sending her a free review copy.  Clicking on title links and coverage images will bring you to my Amazon Affiliate page; no purchase required.

We've since passed along this book to Anna at Diary of an Eccentric's girl and maybe she'll come back and give us her perspective.


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

That's so nice that this will get passed around. Wonder of the girl will have the same thoughts

bermudaonion said...

It's so nice to see a great new series out that will appeal to boys!

Ladytink_534 said...

I'm a bit curious about this one since I've seen a lot of copies given away but not that many reviews for it.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

thanks Mom for the review. Glad! I would read Ana's review too!

Anna said...

We'll see when how long it'll take The Girl to get to this one. Her TBR pile rivals mine now! All those book club papers she takes home and all. :)

After our conversation at lunch yesterday, I'm convinced Patterson's name should be removed from the cover of this book. LOL

Great review, Pat!

Diary of an Eccentric