Oct 6, 2007

New Moon Rises

The second book, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, is read. Yes, in a day and a half. I have uncovered another passion for an author and these characters. I can understand her passion for her characters and their voices like a writer should.

***SPOILER Alert***

Edward and Isabella reunite in this book, but their world has changed.

Its akin to a teenage, vampire-werewolf Romeo and Juliet in the modern world. Jacob Black, the family friend's son stars in much of the first portion of New Moon, with Bella at his side. He comes of age and their relationship changes, but she is not ready to move on. She merely wants to wallow in her pain and her memories of Edward. Jacob won't let her because he loves her too much. While the feelings are not reciprocated, it does not matter. The adventures in this book are more heart-racing and adventurous than the last.

I was riveted to the words on the page and stayed up until 1am to read to page 400. On the way to pick up the little niece and her mom, I read in the car and finished the book this afternoon. I have never been enthralled with two characters before. Ok, that may not be entirely true. My passion for Edward and Isabella is akin to my passion for Heathcliff and Catherine in Wuthering Heights.

To think, I have read over 1,000 pages in the last three days, and all I have is another 600 to go in the third book. And no, I have not started it yet. I will be.

I love the red and white flower cover on this book and its depiction of how the passion and innocence of the characters is comingled. Their interactions are much like young teenagers, rash and passionate, but at the same time an enduring love and understanding binds them to one another. Edward aptly says in the book that there is a new moon lighting his night sky when he is with Isabella, and without her the sky is black and devoid of stars and moonlight. I can't wait to get to Eclipse.

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Anna said...

These books sound very interesting. I hope to start them soon!

Serena said...

i love these books...i think i have another favorite author to add to my list!

I can't wait for you to read them because I want to discuss them with someone!

Anna said...

Well, we can certainly discuss them when I'm done reading. I like to do that, too. Normally, I'm just blabbing about books I've read but you haven't because at least you'll TRY to comment on them...and the hubby just gets that glazed-eye look that men are so good at.

Maybe we should start our own book club, but not limit it to classics or anything. What you think? Just read and take our time and discuss. It can be just the two of us. (More romantic that way, LOL!)

Serena said...

we can do that if you like...guess first up will be these vampire books! LOL then its your choice!

Suey said...

So did New Moon turn you into a Jacob Black fan? Some people just really think there's only Edward.. but I really like Jacob too. Can't wait to hear what you think of him after Eclipse! I picked that (Eclipse) up the other day, started reading at a wonderful scene about the middle, and before I new it, I had read the whole second half of the book over again! Amazing.

Anna said...

sounds good to me...we'll just have to decide whether to discuss each book as i go or wait until i've read all three...you know that won't take me long with public transit

i think we should go for finishing all of them first and then discussing, as what happens in later books could cloud what you say about the first...i dunno, just a though

Serena said...

I like Jacob to a point. I really like Edward, but I keep wondering if he has more powers than were let on in the first two books. Like are we even sure he cannot control feelings of prey etc., making Isabella fall in love with him...and not her free will. It's just a thought I have had after reading so many vampire books in my day.

Jacob puzzles me...he's soo nice, but it seems like there should be more to his character. I guess I will find out what is really going on in Eclipse. I think I have read about 20 pages so far.

I also here there will be another book in this series in 2008.

Serena said...

I think that we should wait until you finish the three books, though you better do it quick! LOL