Jun 15, 2008

Word Nerd Co-Op Update, Contest, and Giveaway

Here's the June update of my experience with the Word Nerd Co-Op:

First, I have a great writing partner, who happens to be a teacher in New York. She enthusiastic and committed, which is great. I've been in writing groups before where some of the members are committed and some are not. It's good to be in a summer online writing group with committed partners.

Initially my goals for June are as follows:

1. write or edit at least 3 times per week
2. finish my short story by the end of June
3. revisit one of my novels

Week one--June 1-7--was successful in terms of goal #1. I edited on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Week two--June 8-14--was a bit less successful. I only edited on Monday and Wednesday. I fully hoped to get more editing done on Saturday, but we had planned a cookout, which was cut short by thunderstorms. It was fun picking up all the stuff and heading out on a hike, coming back in the rain was not so much fun. We made it to the car from the hike without being soaked, which I guess is a plus. Heading into the house with all the cookout stuff, we got soaked. Then I was too tired and fell asleep on the couch after the stressful workweek.

This week, I vow to make the three times per week goal. And I hope to get the story at least through the second round of edits before I head up North to Massachusetts for bridal shower festivities. So, I may fall short of my third goal for the month, but I am hopeful.

On the other hand, my writing partner, met her writing goal for the week. I'm very proud. I hope that she continues to meet her goals, and that her success will keep me motivated.

I will close with a photo of a deer we saw on the hike. She's a bit far off in the distance, but she was gracious enough to stick around for me to take her portrait. She is a bit blurry because I keep forgetting I need a tripod with my zoom lens...my hands shake a bit too much.

Look forward to an upcoming book review later this week. And as always, fellow book bloggers, remember that I will add your links to my review posts if you review the same book.

Also, Please feel free to enter my Blogiversary contest.

And like a good blogger, I am posting information about a giveaway on The Written Word. Feel free to enter the giveaway and spread the word about her contest.


Suey said...

This Word Nerd thing sounds fun. Maybe I'll have to try it next time, or sometime, or whatever. Too nervous about it still! :)

Serena said...

I was a bit reluctant to join because I am a natural procrastinator....but it has been good fun so far.

Anna said...

Glad you're enjoying it so far. And don't be too hard on yourself. At least you're giving it your best shot.

Glad you have a committed partner for the project. That's very important.

I know what you mean about writing groups. I wonder if we're the only ones to have ever been kicked out of one for offering advice???

Serena said...

I am trying to remain positive about the Word Nerd project. I dunno if we are the only ones kicked out for offering advice. I have no idea...I just wonder if some writers even realize that like everything else you have to be able to skillfully create a work without errors.