Jun 9, 2008

Bronzed Vampires, You Suck

Christopher Moore's You Suck audio book is another find at the library that I should have taken out in book form. This book had us roaring with laughter in the car on the way to work over the weeks we listened to it.

***Spoiler Alert***

This is a vampiric tale of one young fledgling, Jody, turning her Midwest boyfriend, Tommy Flood, into a vampire so they can be together forever. Jody, who was turned by an older vampire, Elijah, teams up with Tommy and his co-workers at the San Francisco Marina Safeway to bronze the older vampire who has gone on a killing spree among the sick and infirm. Jody hopes to get away from the elder vampire and take Tommy into her dark world.

Along the way, Tommy starts getting used to his vampiric ways, but eventually "enjoys" some aspects of his nature too much for his Midwestern sensibilities. Tommy adopts the name Lord Flood with his minion, Abby Normal--o yes, you guessed it an old fashioned play on words. She is nothing short of normal by today's standards with her Gothic clothes, her sarcasm, attempts to fit in with the rebels, and her love of the undead...but she also has a perky side and you eventually discover her favorite literary character is not from Lovecraft, but it is Pipi Longstocking, a perkier side of Abby.

Even Abby falls in love, and its not with a vampire or her gay friend, Jared.

***End Spoiler Alert***

Not only is their vampire hunting, love, sex, drugs, and stealing, but there is sarcastic humor, self-deprecating humor, and twists of fate in this book that are great. The narrator chosen to read this novel was well selected. Her character voices were believable.

What made the vampire book for me, beyond the vampires of course, was the narration, hilarious lines, and the character of Abby Normal. I would love to see an entire novel of her adventures from Moore; that would make great reading. I recommend this book, You Suck, in any form you choose. I'm going to have to go out and get the hard copy to add to my collection since I foresee myself reading it for the first time, only to re-read it again and again.


Anna said...

I couldn't get past Lord Flood! That name alone is hilarious. I admit I saw this book at the library, but passed it over. The cover was a little...loud. LOL Maybe I'll borrow it from you when you get it...

Serena said...

The loud cover attracted the hubby because the audio book has the same loud cover. LOL I was a little curious about it myself...and I do love a good vampire novel.

I think you should pick it up from the library...Abby Normal is hilarious! Like, OMG!

Anna said...

Maybe I will. ;)