Dec 8, 2008

Mailbox Monday #7

Mailbox Monday is sponsored by Marcia at the Printed Page.

Here's what I got in the mail this week:

1. Another copy of Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips from Hatchette Group

2. When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winowski from Hatchette Group, the only book on backorder from the Spooktacular box I won.

3. Keeping Hannah Waiting by Dave Clarke from Bostick Communications

***Don't forget my Pemberley by the Sea contest. It ends on Dec. 10 at Midnight EST. Sorry open only to U.S. and Canadian addressed residents.**


Anonymous said...

I got Gods Behaving Badly as well. Wasn't Marie Phillips fun on Blog Talk Radio?! I can't wait to read her book.

gautami tripathy said...

Seems like you have great books waiting to be read!

Here is what I got in my mailbox!

Serena said...

Bermudaonion: She made me want to read her book even more!

Gautami: You have some good ones as well.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your question about finding writers' workshops in Maryland. I've answered it in today's blog post, if you're interested!

Local Writers' Associations

Jeanne said...

Serena, you are tagged for my book-buying meme, if you want to play. I'd be interested in any poetry titles you might have in mind, as I didn't buy any poetry this year. It's at

Serena said...

Jeannie: Here is my list--

Here are some poetry recommendations:

For the adult crowd--

Human Dark With Sugar by Brenda Shaughnessy

Sex at Noon Taxes by sally van doren

Trying to Understand the Lunar Eclipse by Carol Dine

For those interested in the Beat Generation:

Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Coney Island of the Mind

For the kiddos:

Hip Hop Speaks to Children by Nikki Giovanni

Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein

Shana said...

Serena, I think I requested Keeping Hannah Waiting but with the caveat that I wouldn't be able to read it for a few months, so I doubt I'll receive it. I can't wait to see your thoughts on this. So, would this qualify for the challenge or not?

My MM post HERE.

Toni said...

I got Gods Behaving Badly and Hannah also... :) I can't wait to read both.

Kathleen said...

I entered a bunch of Gods Behaving Badly contests and then found out I could get a copy from Hatchette. Then after that I ended up winning the book four timess, but each time I told them to pick another name. But my review copy hasn't come yet. I hope I don't end up with no copies!

Here's my mailbox

Darlene said...

Keeping Hannah Waiting sounds like a really good book. Can't wait to see some of these reviews.

Kathleen said...

OOps, that's not my blog LOL.

Try this link for my mailbox.

Jo-Jo said...

I finally just won a copy of Gods Behaving Badly myself! I can't wait to read that one.

Anonymous said...

i got Keeping Hannah waiting on Friday as well.. I couldn't resist it and finished reading it over the weekend.. yet to write my review though..:)

Serena said...

Shana: It will qualify for me since I don't have to review it until January.

Toni: I feel the same.

Callista: Hey if you don't end up with a copy, you can always enter my contest.

Dar: I had a bunch of books waiting at my door today when I got home.

Ramya: Now there is an endorsement. I may just have to read it earlier than January.

The Bookworm said...

enjoy your reading. I heard Gods Behaving Badly is a good one :)

Anonymous said...

Some really cool books there!

Anna said...

Glad you also received Keeping Hannah Waiting. I can't wait to start it, and it will count toward the challenge! Yippee!

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