Feb 11, 2009

Clearing the Shelves

I was peeking through my bookshelves and discovered that I have been remiss in the giveaway department.

I have a bunch of books that I will giveaway in honor of Valentine's Day, though none of them are particularly "love" oriented.

1. Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich, check out my review.

2. The Memorist by M.J. Rose, check out my review.

3. The Sinner's Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber, here's my review. This one is gently used.

4. 2 Copies of Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich, the review for this is forthcoming. We've been listening to the audiobook of this one.

How to Enter:
(Make sure you leave and email so I can contact you if you win. Don't forget to tell me which book you want most.)

1. Leave a comment on this post about your favorite Valentine's Day ritual.

2. Blog or feature this giveaway on your blog in a sidebar to receive a second entry (don't forget to come back and leave a comment with a link)

3. If someone sees this giveaway on your blog, tell them to drop your name and you both get an additional entry.

***Looks like I forgot a Deadline! How about February 13th by 5PM EST***


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Spare the e-mail; I'm on this!

I've got a Valentine's Day post all ready to go at the Meet and Greet; I think you'll see it in your reader, so prepare to have some fun. *grin*

Serena said...

Susan: You are way ahead of me. Somehow these books fell through the cracks. Figured I better do them all at once. I hope the photo of my kitty doesn't freak everyone out.

I can't wait to see your post.

Becky W. said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to win!

My favorite Valentine's Ritual used to be going to dinner with my sweetie...but now, we hardly do that, and instead make dinner for each other! It's still fun!


Brooke Reviews said...

Chocolate is my favorite Valentine's Day ritual. BUT it's an everyday favorite too. :D

bacarleton at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite Valentine's ritual is making dinner with my sweetie. We never go out that day because the restaurants are a madhouse - we just cook together.

Serena said...

Becky: that's a great new ritual making dinner for each other.

Brooke: I love chocolate too.

Bermuda: Funny the restaurants here are never that packed.

Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

My favorite Valentine's Day ritual is sitting back and having someone else cook dinner. Thanks for the chance to win!

Brooke Reviews said...

Ah, I'd like to read the Memorist. :)

Kaye said...

Looking forward to getting my nickel! Maybe that will be my blog post on Friday.
I'd really like to win the memorist. Thanks for the choices, they are all great.

florida982002[at]yahoo dot com

Serena said...

Kaye: I hope you come back and share your favorite valentine's ritual with us for your entry.

Erika Powell said...

I would love to be entered. I really want to start reading the Evanovich books. I don't have a Valentine's ritual but this year I am roadtripping to VA with a few friends just to get away. Maybe it will be the beginning of a great tradition.

Erika Powell said...

I blogged about it here

Unknown said...

This year I'm making a special beef stew for the hubby. It's supposed to be guaranteed to make him swoon!

I'd say my first choice is The Sinner's Guide to Confession followed by either Evanovich book. Happy early Valentine's Day!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

The Tome Traveller said...

My Hubby and I always go out to a nice dinner on V-day. Not a very exciting ritual, but relaxing.

I would love to win The Memorist, I've had that one on my wish list for a while now!

I saw your giveaway on Susan Helene Gottfried's post at Win a Book!

Anonymous said...

My favorite ritual is the exchange of candy. :D I always enjoy some tasty candy.


Anonymous said...

Blogged your contest:


Unknown said...

I'd love to be entered for The Sinner's Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber

As far as Valentine Day Rituals, I dont really have any except eating chocolate LOL. V-day is a great excuse to eat treats/sweets!

Alyce said...

I would like to be entered to win Plum Lucky or Plum Lovin'.

My favorite Valentine's ritual is going out to dinner with my husband. On our first Valentine's he bought me dinner and did all of my laundry. A pity the laundry ritual didn't stick.

akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

tetewa said...

Would like to get either of the two books by Janet. Usually spend the night at home with dinner and a movie!

Wrighty said...

My husband is so romantic and thoughtful but I'm happy with a little candy (OK, a lot of candy) that he bought on sale. :) My mom always got us a small heart shaped box of assorted candy when we were kids. It was so much fun that I've always done that for our kids. They like it too.

I would like any of the books but my first choice would be The Memorist and the second would be The Sinner's Guide. Thanks for a fun contest and I've added it to my blog.


Wrighty said...

Love your black kitty!

Serena said...

Wrighty: Thanks. i have two black kitties, but they don't get as much play here on the blog as the dog does.

Crystal Adkins said...

I would love to win a copy of MJ Rose's book :)
Our V-day tradition is nothing major now that we're married and have a little one. We just exchange cards and go out to dinner. This year he has to work on Valentines so we'll have to wait until the week after :(

bermudaonion said...

I'd like to be entered for Plum Lucky.

Unknown said...

My husband always gets me flowers for Valentine's Day and we go out to eat and to see a movie.


Unknown said...

Sorry forgot to tell you which book I'd like. I love to win The Memorist by M.J. Rose. Thanks:)


Jo-Jo said...

Jeez...I don't know how I missed this contest of yours...But please enter me for Plum Lucky. I would love to start reading Janet Evanovich. Do you think that the Plum series should be read in a specific order...or does it just not make a difference?

Gwendolyn B. said...

I would love to win THE MEMOIRIST, but I don't have any of the titles, so I'd be happy with any of them. Thanks for the chance

My "favorite" Valentine's ritual is picking out cards - actually, I love picking out cards any ole day! I spend a LOT of time in the card aisle!

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

windycindy said...

Great books! I like to give goody baskets to my older sister and her husband, my niece and her husband, my 90 year old dad and to our two sons! I try to leave them at their homes when they aren't there so it is a surprise! Thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

I usually get something for my kids who are both grown. Sometimes I mail them a Vday card or take them out for a meal. It depends. And for my husband I get him a card and add a love letter. He usually comes home hiding flowers behind his back, even after 30+ years : D He's such a sweetie!


teabird said...

Ooh, Plum Lucky (if I'm lucky). My husband and I buy cards for each other and personalize them beyond recognition - it's our favorite ritual for Valentine's day.

teabird 17 at yahoo **dot** com

Melissa said...

I would love to win The Memorist.

Favorite valentine's day is a quiet dinner at home. We usually splurge and have crab legs. Yum!

mindy said...

i have not read any of them so would be happy with any one of them as for a ritual i do not have one i do not even have a valentine

Anonymous said...

My favorite Valentine's Day ritual - we take the kids out for dinner (let them pick the restaurant) because my husband would tell us, we are all his valentines. We go early to beat the rush!

Either of the Evanovich books would be my choice!


Bridget said...

Hi! I'd love the Janet Evanovich Plum Lucky. bridgetjarsulic@comcast.net

Bridget said...

We usually stay in for Valentine's Day -- the restaurants here are always packed too. bridgetjarsulic@comcast.net

kathy55439 said...

I love to read..... Thank you for the contest.... Valentine's Day going to be serving dinner with the youth group to all the couples at church.... I am not a couple but will be glad to help the youth so the parents and enjoy dinner

Anonymous said...

Hey. I'd love to win any one of these. My favorite valentine's ritual is getting a bunch of those little candy hearts with writing on them and leaving them everywhere I go. :-) You can reach me at:

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My favorite Valentine ritual is waking up to breakfast in bed:) I'd like Plum Spooky. Happy Valentine's Day:)

nhertel85 AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of these, so I wouldn't mind any but I think anything by Evanovich would be my first choice. Thanks for the giveaway.

My email id: elizascott2005[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

I don't have a favorite valentine ritual. This would be my first valentine with my boyfriend (we were just friends last Feb). As we have a long distance relationship and we don't get to meet as often as we would like to, spending one whole day with him is in itself a bliss :)

Ladytink_534 said...

I guess my favorite Valentine's Day ritual would be waking up to all the goodies hubby has gotten me. One year I woke up to flowers, a balloon, two stuffed animals, and chocolate too lol. He's the sweetest!

The Memorist please! (I have both of the Plum's)

judyv12306 said...

When my sweetie and I were newlyweds, we didn't have money like most people. During the second year we were married we had a big snow storm on Valentines day. The walks needed to be shoveled and the cars unburied. We had one down coat and were wrestling around about who would wear the down coat. We both got in one coat, each with one arm out. We went out and shoveling snow in one coat. We laughed and giggled and got the job done. Now 15 years later on Valentines day we get into that old coat. Sometimes we need to shovel and sometimes we sweep, we have even changed the oil for the car in one coat. Over the years, we have had different neighbors who have given us crazy looks and we have had neighbors come out and join us in one coat.

If I need to pick a book it will be either Evanovich book.

Linda said...

Several years ago at a garage sale I bo't several boxes of "penny valentines", circa 1950s. It's such fun sorting thru them each year and finding one for each of my grandchildren. Janet Evanovich is a favorite, so I would choose Plum Lovin'. Thanks.

A Reader said...

My favorite Valentine's day ritual is going out to dinner and getting flowers. Boring, but fun!

I'd like to read the Evanovich book followed by the Memorist.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Serena said...

Plum Lovin' and Plum Lucky are the evanovich options....Plum Spooky is not!

Please come back and select a different option if you have stated you want Plum Spooky

Sara said...

Please enter me for either Plum. Favorite Valentine tradition, is that my husband actually gives me flowers. It only happens on our Anniversary and Valentine's Day.

Sararush (at) hotmail (dot) com

Marie said...

Our favorite Valentine's ritual -- we have a pink and red dinner for the kids. We make heart-shaped pancakes with red jam, and tint the milk pink. It's silly but they love it!


Serena said...

Sara: I know what you mean, no flowers except on those two holidays for me as well.

Marie: what a cute tradition!

Anonymous said...

The only Valentines Day ritual I ever had was helping the children fill out Valentines Day cards for school. I would love to win The Memorists Daughter.

bison61 said...

I picked The Memorist. the only ritual we have is my husband always takes me out to eat on Valentine's Day

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com