Mar 19, 2009

Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich's Plum Spooky is the latest of the between-the-numbers novels. Diesel makes his way back to Trenton and into Stephanie Plum's apartment hot on the heels of Wulf Grimoire, his cousin and all around scary creep who vanishes in a flash of light and can electrocute you with a simple touch of the skin. Stephanie is hoping to save the bail bonds business by capturing the elusive Martin Munch, a genius fallen into the wrong hands.

From monkeys with metal helmets to a hippy animal activist named Gail Scanlon, Evanovich weaves a ridiculous tale that will capture readers and listeners' attentions right from the start. Diesel and Stephanie are forced into the Pine Barrens where there is no cell reception and where unmentionable creatures dwell, like the Jersey Devil, the Easter Bunny, Sasquatch, and Elmer the Fire Farter. While the plot is a bit out there, it will have you laughing and the book moves along quickly.

I was surprised to learn that the Pine Barrens is an actual location in New Jersey and that people do believe that it is the home of the Jersey Devil.

Interested in listening to this laugh-out-loud novel on your daily commute or whenever you're in the car, enter this giveaway: 1 audiobook copy, used once

1. One entry leave a comment for the most outrageous character name you can think of.

2. A second entry if you spread the word about the contest and leave me a link here.

Deadline is March 26, 5pm EST.

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bermudaonion said...

Hmm - outrageous character name. The only thing that pops into my head is Pussy Galore from one of the James Bond movies. milou2ster(at)

Unknown said...

Alotta Fagina

Serena said...

both of those are hilarious.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh I would love to win this Serena...I just finished One for the Money and LOVED it. The funny character name that comes to mind for me is the "Fockers". That just kills me.

Darlene said...

Well hello, you know I'd love to have this one. I think the most outrageous character names for me come from Harry Potter: Mad-Eye Moody, Muggles, Dedalus Diggle, Crookshanks, Dobby, Scabbers...

I'll also post on my sidebar.

Anna said...

Does Blarney Killekalarny count? Btw, I have absolutely no idea how to spell that.

I'm going to post the giveaway in my sidebar right now.

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

I'm not sure that counts, but I'll let it go this time.

Blodeuedd said...

Sticking with a Bond theme, Dr. Holly Goodhead, Xenia Onatopp
Kilgore Trout who is a character in K.Vonnegut books,
Wow this was hard

Debs Desk said...

I think the Harry Potter books have some very odd names.

Anonymous said...

i'm just checkin' in to say that, yes, the pine barrens are very real (and SCARY), and the jersey devil used to haunt my dreams as a kid.

in jersey we don't only have toxic waste, overcrowding, and the mafia to contend with...

ps. all of the other places that evanovich mentions are real--including pt. pleasant--which is where i live. :D

darbyscloset said...

Twinkle Sex Bottom, is my crazy character name.
Enter me into your giveaway, I love audio's and I'd love one that is laugh out funny!!!
Thanks so much,
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this audio book. I have never read any of her books if you can believe that. This would be great! I hope I win!

Serena said...

Entrants remember to provide a outrageous character name when entering this giveaway!

Jo-Jo said...

I have blogged about your contest here.

Ladytink_534 said...

No need to enter me, I've already read this one. Love these books though!

Mari said...

Enter me please. Thanks.

I love the Stephenie Plum books but have only read one of the between the numbers.

Kaye said...

Love Evanovich! Her characters are outrageous themselves, nver mind the names. Like Albert Kloughn

One name I always liked in The P.G. Wodehouse books is Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright. Just cracked me up along with Gussie Finknottle.
Please enter me in the drawing. florida982002[at]yahoo[dot]com

Keira Gillett said...

Crazy character names? Hmmm... Points to HP saga. That's full of weird names.

How about? (creates one on the spot:)

The Honorable Lord Chauncey Pinkerton of the Milwaukee Pinkertons


Captain Seanderson Lefthook Genbutter of the Happy Seas Pirates? lol

Luanne said...

No need to enter me. I've only ever read the series, but think I will try the next one in audio format - Finger Lickin' Fifteen comes out in June I think.

Jackie M (Literary Escapism) said...

SO I have to ask...the Between-the-numbers novels...what's your take on them? I haven't found them as amusing as the Numbers novels. I also think I just don't get Diesel and he seems to always pop up in those ones.

Serena said...

Jackie: I really like these novels because they are so out there and ridiculous at times and Janet's humor resonates with me. I'm not particularly fond of Diesel, but I think I just go with it. Open-minded since I never read the other novels that are the series, though that will be changing soon.