Apr 17, 2009

Enchanted Blog!

Savvy Verse & Wit is Enchanted, you've heard it here first. Mari over at MariReads bestowed upon me this cute little award!

This is what the award is about:

The only requirement for this award is that you share it with whomever you like, sharing the love is always a good thing. The blog has to show only one characteristic, caring. So, start sharing this enchanted award with five other bloggers. Let your bloggers know they have received this enchanted award. (Remember, fairies are fickle wee things, don't incur their displeasure by ignoring their gift.)

Here are the blogs that I find enchanting:

1. Bethany's B&B Ex Libris (I'm happy that someone else is doing the NaPoWriMo/PAD Challenge besides me--and she writes poems in two languages! Check out the quitter, lo feo de la noche, and favourites.)

2. Anna at Diary of an Eccentric (How could I forget my buddy of 14 years?! Impossible--Even if she is eccentric with a capital E! LOL)

3. Alyce of At Home With Books (who is always commenting on my posts and lurking in the shadows)

4. Iliana of Bookgirl's Nightstand (She's talented in more than one way, and she's been offering National Poetry Month posts: Selecting a Poetry Book, Journaling Poem, and Book Festival.)

5. Bermudaonion (I literally think she comments on every one of my posts; I smile when I see her pop up and enter contests.)

6. Black Eyed-Susan (A new-to-me blog, and she too is participating in NaPoWriMo/PAD Challenge! Check out her short poem, I Come from a Long Line, Friday.)

7. Dar of Peeking Between the Pages (Another of those great bloggers who is always supportive, comments a lot, and I wish I could emulate her and Bermudaonion--at least on the commenting front)

There are so many other blogs out there, which ones do you find enchanting?

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Kitten said...

Congrats on your award! Yay Serena!

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations, Serena! Thank you so much for thinking of me - it means more than you know.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

What a cute award! Congrats on receiving it--and many of the recipients are enchanting to me, too. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Congrats :D

Serena said...

Thanks for the congrats, and Bermudaonion, I'm glad you like the award!

Anna said...


Thank you, my dear! I'll try not to take offense at the eccentric with a capital E. ;)

Diary of an Eccentric

Lezlie said...

Congratulations! Such a pretty award!


Serena said...

was not made to offend...just compliment...I only adore Eccentric peeps!

Anna said...

I know you weren't. I was joking. ;) I'm proud of my oddities. lol

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

as well you should be proud....:)

Alyce said...

Congrats on the award! Thanks for passing it on to me!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

Awe, thanks you are very kind. I am having a very hard time keeping up with the napawrimo thoguh! Are you? ahhh!

Anyway, congrats yourself on the award, and thanks so very much for passing it on :)

Serena said...

Bethany: I will miss a day or two, but make up for it the next day by posting enough to cover the days I missed.

I really am enjoying your poems!

I'm caught up now, except for #17, which is today's poem.

Anonymous said...

ENCHANTING is a terrific word to describe you and your blog! awesome.

susan said...

Thank you, Serena!

I am so glad we connected. I check your blog daily. I appreciate the award and will share and pass it on this weekend.

Ladytink_534 said...

I find all the blogs I read enchanting! Congrats!!!

Toni said...

Congrats on the award! You deserve it. Great post!

Darlene said...

You know I commented on this the other day. Hmmmm, I wonder if I hit the wrong button when I was done. lol. Anyhooooo, thank you so much! It always means so much to me when you give me awards. Nothing beats those first bloggy friends you made-thanks Serena!

Iliana said...

What a cute award. Congrats on receiving it and thank you so much for passing it on :)