Oct 11, 2008

Fall Into Reading 2008 Update

Is it too early for a Fall Into Reading Update? I hope not. I wanted to share with you my list and which books I've already read! (Those will have **) Click on the ones with ** to see my reviews.

Here's the list of books I plan on reading for the Fall Into Reading Challenge 2008:

1. A Grave in the Air by Stephen Henighan **
2. Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland **
3. Kindred Spirits by Marilyn Meredith
4. Sex at Noon Taxes by Sally Van Doren
5. The Safety of Secrets by Delaune Michel
6. The Last Queen by C. W. Gortner
7. The Wonder Singer by George Rabasa
8. Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore
9. Black Flies by Shannon Burke **
10. Freeman Walker by David Allan Cates
11. Falling Under by Danielle Younge-Ullman
12. Life After Genius by M. Ann Jacoby
13. Lydia Bennet's Story by Jane Odiwe
14. Testimony by Anita Shreve

Some of you may notice that some of the books have changed. I guess that's because I have to prioritize my obligations. So I switched out a couple with some others...Can you guess which ones?


Anonymous said...

LOLOL! I do this all the time. You do have some awesome picks.

Sandra said...

Our lists are entirely different except for The Wonder Singer. I look forward to your reviews as I'm unfamiliar with most of your titles.

Serena said...

I like to pick books that I don't see a lot of on the web. Keeps a variety going. I've seen some of the titles I'm reading on other people's lists. I do like to add poetry books to the list as well.

Shana @ Literarily said...

I need to do this list, too Serena.I've read The Last Queen and Falling Under. You're gonna love those two!

Serena said...

Shana: It's time for you to join the fun!

Anna said...

I know you added Sex at Noon Taxes and The Safety of Secrets. Was A Grave in the Air on their earlier?? My memory is bad. LOL

I have to do an update. I want to see where I am so far. LOL I think I'll be adding a few, but I'm not sure about taking some away.


naida said...

great reads, I alos read Any Given Doomsday.
I always switch picks for challenges :)

Serena said...

Naida: Thanks for telling me. I'm glad I'm not alone in that!

Iliana said...

That's a lot of books you plan to read for your challenge! Go you!!

I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about The Last Queen. That one is on my wish list but probably won't get to any time soon.

Have fun with your challenge!

Serena said...

Iliana: I think I may have to do another update because I've read 2 more on this list and I have added others! LOL