Oct 11, 2008

Winner--A Grave in the Air

Out of 20 entrants into my giveaway, Betty R. of Simply Southern--The Way it Was--and Will Be Again!

I will email Betty to let her know about her good fortune. She will soon be the proud owner of A Grave in the Air by Stephen Henighan!

Congrats to Betty.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Betty! Way to go!! :) Serena, thanks for the great giveaway!!

Serena said...

Thanks for stopping by. I thought you were going to take off the weekends!

Jeannie said...

That's great! Congrats to Betty!!

Shana @ Literarily said...

Congrats Betty. This sounds like such an interesting book.

What *was* J. Kaye doing here anyway :)

Serena said...

That's what I wanted to know!

Anna said...

Congrats, Betty! Happy Reading!