Apr 30, 2009

Poem #30, PAD Challenge 2009

I cannot believe it. I wrote one poem for each of April's 30 days. I am beaming with pride...that's not too terrible I hope. Anyway, let's get to it, shall we?

Today's Prompt is to write a farewell poem:


Off in the distance
You’re small.
Almost an ant on my picnic blanket,
the one with the pink butterflies.
We used to take it to that park
on the corner of Western Ave. and Main.
I know it wasn’t much of a park,
but the grass was soft,
so green.

You’re standing on asphalt,
the blanket disintegrated in the dryer
lint balls scraped away into the basket.
It reminds me of our final days
when the voices pitched high
fists and fingers flew at the air between us.
We made Swiss cheese of oxygen.

There is no sunset on the horizon,
more like high noon
in the O.K. Corral, guns blazing.
Only we never dropped
to our knees in that kitchen
Or here as the cab drives away.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.

Did you participate in this challenge or other activities for National Poetry Month? Please share links, experiences, events, new poets, old favorites, what you liked about the poems I produced this month.


Sandy Nawrot said...

You are amazing. What an accomplishment! Such a beautiful poem to end the month, too. I have never written poetry; I've not even tried. Writing reviews is a challenge enough for me! Have you ever tried to get your poems published?

Serena said...

Sandy: I do have some poems published in Harrow, Muse Apprentice Guild, LYNX, Pedestal Magazine, All Things Girl, and others.

Lezlie said...

Good for you!! Well done!

Anna said...

I liked this one a lot. Congrats on completing the challenge!

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

Lezlie and Anna: Thanks for stopping by and checking out the last poem for the month of April. It was a fun challenge, except for that sestina

Jenners said...

Great job! Amazing! I'm impressed! Wow! I hope you had fun ... I'm sure it was quite a challenge but you did some great stuff! And way to go out with a bang!

Serena said...

Jenners: Thanks for checking out these poems...even in rough draft form. I did have fun with this challenge.