Apr 8, 2009

Poem #8, PAD Challenge 2009

Today's Prompt is to write about a specific routine or routines. This was another tough one for me, but here's my attempt:


Get up, get down
Step up, step down
Hike up, walk down
Moving in this motion
Just to get the heart pumping.
There must be a better way.
Aerobics for an anaerobe.
Dressed in sweats, ready for the afternoon
sweat pours down
as my feet hit the floor or the plastic mold.
Techno music with drum beats
in time with my steps:
Up, down, up, down, up.
Too bad the fat doesn’t sloth off with water.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.


I have 1 copy of Jill Mansell's An Offer You Can't Refuse; get two entries, comment on my review and my interview. Deadline is April 11 at Midnight.


susan said...

Good for you for pulling this off, Serena! I walked today and my old butt was not in the mood but I went because my old butt needs to walk.

I struggled with this one, too. Just posted mine.

Anna said...

Another good one. Made me tired just reading it. ;P

Diary of an Eccentric

Serena said...

LOL thanks for stopping by to check it out....it was a tough prompt.

Iliana said...

Ha, I love this. And, yea, how come the fat doesn't sloth off?! :)

Serena said...

Iliana: I've always wondered that!

Anonymous said...

I relate to this one!

Jenners said...

If only ... if only!

Serena said...

I totally agree.