Aug 9, 2009

Are You an Examiner?

I've been regularly posting articles at my D.C. Literature Examiner page, I hope everyone had been following along. The latest post is my review of Shapeshifter: The Demo Tapes Year 1, but you can also find links to my two-part interview with Susan Helene Gottfried at the end of the review.

Anyways, is expanding the number of locations they cover, and if you live near or in the newest 20 locations, let me know, I can send you some referral information. It would help me out as well, if you signed on with and started earning money for yourself too.

Here's a list of their newest locations:

Mobile, AL
Green Bay, WI
Springfield, IL
Waco, TX
Savannah, GA
Colorado Springs, CO
Baton Rouge, LA
Rockford, IL
Midland Odessa, TX
Gainesville, FL
El Paso, TX
Evansville, IN
Anaheim, CA
Corpus Christi, TX
Scranton, PA
Topeka, KS
Lubbock, TX
Atlantic City, NJ
Reno, NV
Bakersfield, CA

Feel free to join us, earn some money, and spread the word about your local area to online readers.


Sandy Nawrot said...

I just talked with Anna about this. We do have covereage for Orlando, and based on what I could tell, there isn't much being written on bookish events! I put the idea on my back brain burner, and we will see if what happens.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hmmm. Pittsburgh's a pretty major city...

btw, the interview and review have sparked sales of The Demo Tapes -- at least, I think that's what's done it. I'm SO not complaining; I owe ya one, lady!

Serena said...

Sandy: It's been a fun experience. I think you should do it.

Susan: I won't take credit for the increase in sales, but it would be really nice if I helped, even a little. :)

Anonymous said...

cool for you! my friend writes for the NYC version of the examiner...she discusses public transportation and the like.

Marie Burton said...

Serena- pls email me & tell me what this entails ..texas is pretty large & although you have some TX locations, I don't see Dallas, which is my closest area. So, just let me know.
Marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com (hi.. Susan!)

Bonnie said...

I've been following your articles and they've been wonderful. I worry about the time committment and balancing a blog and writing articles. It does interest me and when I checked there wasn't any book writers in my area of Ohio. Please send me the referral info and I can learn more about what this entails.