May 25, 2008

Polysyllabic Spree

Nick Hornby's Polysyllabic Spree is an interesting look at what one man buys and reads in a given month. The commentary about his choices and his reads are fantastically amusing. It's good to see that us readers and writers are not alone in our efforts to catalogue our finds and keep a running tally of our progress.

It was intriguing to learn how he chose his books in a given month and how one choice led to the others.

One thing I think I took issue with was Hornby's contention that he has not felt like part of a music concert or show in a long time, like he can become part of the action in a book. I find that I don't have this problem. I get into music in much the same way that I do books. I'm not sure what is different about my make-up compared to Hornby's, but I am certainly not in the mainstream.

I'm a bit younger, so maybe that plays into it. I'm not sure, but I can tell you this. When I do make it to a concert (when I have some money) I am right there, in the crowd, with the crowd, in the moment of the song, and in the moment with the singer. Then again, maybe it isn't just me, maybe it is the singer's themselves or bands that create that feeling for me and others at the concert. I'm not sure. My favorite concerts are those with Godsmack. They always put on a crowd-involved show. I always leave feeling completely satisfied and pumped....ready for more...there is no total utility there for me. Maybe that has something to do with talking to the lead singer long ago before they were famous and I had no idea who he was...just an interesting guy to talk to between sets at a local concert venue for local bands.

Regardless, if you are feeling lonely in your list-making, just pick up Hornby's book, and you'll see there are a lot more of us out there than you thought.

This is just one of the books I have picked up and read because of another blogger's review, so it qualifies for the Irresistible Review Challenge! One down, seven more to go between now and Labor Day!

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Anna said...

Total utility!!! Too funny!!!

Serena said...

Yeah I couldn't resist using that one!

Ana S. said...

"I get into music in much the same way that I do books."

Me too. I was actually surprised that he said that. One of the reasons why I enjoy going to concerts so much is because I felt like I'm part of the music, part of what's happening.

This was one of the two things in the book I disagreed with Nick Hornby about (the other being his anti sci-fi bias). Anyway, I'm glad that you enjoyed this book!

Serena said...

Hi anti-sci-fi thing didn't hit me as much as the music comment. I wondered if it was because I'm much younger than he is or because he is of a different generation.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting concept for a book.

When I read or listen to music I slip right into the imagery of the story/song. I haven't been to a concert, so I'm not sure if it's a different experience.

Loved the review. Thanks!

Serena said...

I was very shocked by the format of this book. I never thought anyone would publish such a list, but it was a good read.